Erikah Trejoh

Director of Recruiting

Personal Side

Born and raised in San Jose, Erikah still lives there with her family and their Yorkie, Jax. She also spends a lot of time on Oahu – her second home – where she has even made a few great matches between candidates and companies.

Erikah is a big fan of spending time outdoors with her family, especially hiking or having a barbeque at the beach. When she’s not outside, Erikah can often be found attempting DIY projects with varying degrees of success. She believes in giving back, and is a longtime volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.


Fun fact about Erikah…

Erikah is passionate about music. She attributes this to her uncle, who played with Louis Armstrong and wrote songs for Billie Holiday. Erikah was a jazz fan at age nine, and loves almost all music today. She can be found at concerts ranging from country to blues to pop rock!